NLP Subconscious Mastery

Kuldeep Ahlawat | Cosmic Divine Healer

Do You Know?

“There is a treasure box within you, from which you can extract everything you need to live life gloriously, joyously and abundantly”

The Only thing is, you are not able to access this treasure box, you need to learn or  search the key of this treasure box, so that whatever you want, you can draw forth.

I Have a GREAT NEWS for you….

In order to  make you efficient to use the power of your subconscious  for health & Wealth.

“DETOX YOUR MIND & Celebrate life”


A unique 14 Hrs. Practical & transformational NLP workshop.


This is a Specifically Designed Highly Result Oriented NLP based Workshop,  where you will get a Ready to use Practical System of Detoxifying Your mind & Reverse the Patterns of Negativity and Simultaneously inculcate the wonderful patterns of  Health, wealth and success.


In order to learn to access your subconscious power in your favour-

1)  You need to get rid of the subconscious imprints that are working against yourself (cleansing your mental garbage that is producing negativity in your life);

2)  You need to implant the imprints in your subconscious mind of the life you desire that can make you successful, rich and healthy.

This workshop help , your Subconscious mind to get rid of mental garbage and at the same time you fill it with positive imprints like empowering beliefs, victor self image, high self esteem, clear vision and dreams of future and strategy to achieve them, inner alignment of your 7 secrets for happy, prosperous, confident and fruitful life.

Then you start using potential of your Subconscious Mind  and able to embrace patterns of Health , wellness and Success.

NLP works on the level of subconscious/unconscious mind and all of your behavior& capabilities are controlled by subconscious/unconscious mind. Wouldn’t it be amazing to learn and apply NLP in our life to become more resourceful, more productive, more happy and more satisfied.


Note : None of the Schools ,Colleges & institutions impart these         amazing  skills. 

In this workshop You will learn :

* Mind Programming to Re-design your wellness blueprints

* Detox mind to leave behind the patterns of :

– Stress                                – Migraine

– Anxiety                              – Diabetes

– Depression                         – Hypertension

– Pain                                   – Allergies ( Specific)

– Insomnia

* How to erase Past Painful Memories and Negative Thoughts & phobia

* How to install new imprints of Wellness, Happiness, Confidence,

and Positivity in life and manage your emotions.

* Inner alignment of your 7 secrets for prosperous and fruitful life

* To prepare future and strategy to achieve vision of life

* Eliminate Old Negative & Limiting Beliefs about money and wellness

From your subconscious

& Lot More…

You will get many bonus take away with this workshop.

– Along with learning Tools & Techniques of NLP you will get One to One counseling