Every Child is Gifted but many parents have not opened the Gift yet. Do you want to open your child’s GOD gift? If Yes, we can help you through INDIA’s Best GIFT test kuldeep Ahlawat

GIFT (Genius Identification Fingerprint Test, Advance Version of DMIT) is the secret science of the relationship between your child’s brain & fingerprints.


Do you know?

  • The pattern of fingerprint are the way to find absolute truth of a child’s inborn talent
  • Every child is unique & born Genius
  • Every child has 8 – types of intelligence
  • The real difference between child’s INTEREST & INTELLIGENCE
  • What is your child’s PLS (Personal Learning System)
  • Is your child Left Brain Thinker or Right brain Thinker?
  • How to apply Multiple intelligence theory for your
  • child’s Brain Development?

DMIT(Dermatoglyphics Multiple IntelligenceTest) will help you to find out…

  • Inherent Potential of the Brain
  • Child’s PLS (Personal Learning System)
  • Distribution of Multiple Intelligence
  • IQ, EQ, CQ, AQ & SQ
  • Stress Management Activity
  • Career Selection

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